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1812 TheatreCompany

The 1812 Theatre Company is the in-house amateur company of Helmsley Arts Centre, with a rich and varied show history - from Abigail's Party and Much Ado About Nothing to the silliness of The Witches and Oh, Clarence!, as well as musical/comic revues and the annual Christmas show/panto.  We normally stage three major productions every year, and two smaller productions in the studio bar.


We are a lively and friendly group and are always looking to welcome new faces.  Whatever age, with or without experience, there are many ways you can join in or give us support.

Please contact the Secretary, Jean Sheridan, tel : 01439 772388, email  :

Our Next Productions

1812 Theatre Company Presents
'The Helmsley Mysteries'

Wed 9th - Sat 12th April, 7:30pm

As Easter approaches, our resident theatre company presents a spectacular new retelling of stories from the Bible - a whistle-stop tour from Genesis to Armageddon, via Lucifer, Noah, Moses, Lazarus, and the life of Jesus. Expect laughter, temptation, song, passion, miracles and sheep, all with a local touch. Come along and be thrilled and moved in mysterious ways. This will truly be the greatest story ever told in Helmsley.

Adapted and directed by Alfie Crow

Tickets £10/Concs £9

Recent Productions

February/March 2014
God of Carnage
Directed by Martin Vander Weyer


July, 2013
Out of Order
A farce by Ray Cooney
Directed by Dominic Goodwin


Calendar Girls

Directed by Em Whitfield Brooks

When Annie's
husband John dies of leukemia, she and best friend Chris resolve to raise money for the local hospital. They persuade four fellow WI members to pose nude for an 'alternative' calendar, assisted by amateur photographer Lawrence. The calendar is a huge success, and as the international press gathers in their small Yorkshire village, Chris and Annie's friendship is put to the test under the strain of their new found fame.


December 2012

The Sleeping Beauty

Directed by Em Whitfield Brooks

It’s Panto Time - oh yes it is! Join our in-house theatre company for this glittering spectacular, romantic, musical, fun-filled family show stacked to the turrets with all the elements you’d expect in a traditional pantomime. Enter the world of Kings, Queens and Minstrels, Fairies good and evil, the princess Beauty and her handsome Prince, with lovable Dame Nanny Fanny Cranny and the wicked Fairy Carabosse ensuring nothing goes quite according to plan. Why go further afield? Come and enjoy this fabulous show right on your doorstep and support your local theatre into the bargain. 



October 2012

Star Turns

An entertaining evening in the Studio Bar of sketches, storytelling and songs featuring party pieces performed by members of our resident theatre company for your delectation

and delight.


July 2012
When We Are Married
Directed by Julia Armstrong

One of JB Priestley's best loved plays, When We Are Married is set in northern England in 1908 where three couples are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their weddings which took place at the same time, in the same church, and with the same preacher. During the festivities however, a revelation comes forth that throws them all into turmoil.


Born In The Gardens
April 2012
By Peter Nichols

Directed by Richard Noakes
Maud lives in a dilapidated mock-Tudor house with her son Mo, an antiquarian bookseller and trad-jazz enthusiast who accompanies records on his drumkit and encourages Maud's eccentricities such as the war she wages on hordes of (imaginary) mites which infest her life.
Maud's other children, Hedley and Queenie, arrive for their father's funeral.
They try to persuade Maud to go to a modern duplex in London and Mo to join Queenie in California, but both prefer to remain where they are.
“Not all of us,” Mo says, "want freedom. Captivity has its points as well."


Table No. 9
A new play by Sara Murphy
in the Studio Bar
March 2012

Two friends meet up after losing touch for thirty years. We meet them in full flow of
their renewed friendship. They share a cafe with two young women, who pity them.The older ones envy the younger pair.   What they don’t realise is how similar they actually are Enid and Maude also end up envying each other, proving that we never really know what goes on behind closed doors.


Around the World in 80 Days
By Jules Verne
Adapted and directed by Martin Vander Weyer
December 2011

It's October 1872. The mysterious Phileas Fogg bets his fellow members of the Reform Club in London that he can travel round the world in 80 days and be back in time for the Club's Christmas party. He sets off that very evening, accompanied by his valet Passepartout - and pursued by Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard, who is convinced Fogg has robbed the Bank of England.
Follow Fogg's breathless adventures by ship, train, elephant and bicycle as he races against time, rescues a princess, fights off Red Indians and evades the grasp of the hapless Fix - until the very last moment! But can he still reach the Reform Club before the clock strikes quarter to nine?
This hilarious adaptation, specially written for our popular, multi-talented 1812 Theatre Company, injects seasonal fizz and musical fun into Verne's much-loved story.


The Turn of The Screw
by Henry James Adapted by Douglas Jones
Directed by Jonathan Lewis and Isobel Zarb
October 2011
“Peter Quint is The Devil. Sometimes, he visits this world to hurt the good... and steal away their children.”

Left in sole charge of a boy and girl on a lonely country estate, a young Governess comes to believe that the ghosts of two dead servants have hideous designs upon the children. If she's right, they are all in grave danger; if she's wrong, she herself might be driving the children to the edge of insanity. But despite their apparent innocence, Miles and Flora know more than they're telling...
Based on the classic ghost story by Henry James, this adaptation provides genuine chills, the tension increasing with every twist in the plot... or 'turn of the screw'.


Oh Clarence!
By John Chapman
Adapted from the Blandings Castle stories by P. G. Wodehouse
Directed by Dominic Goodwin
July 2011

A hilarious comedy based on one of P.G. Wodehouse's most famous characters, Lord Emsworth, the dreamy peer of Blandings Castle. The delightful Earl, as vague as ever, wants nothing more than to be allowed to potter around Blandings, tending his roses and prize pig, the Empress. But his sister, Lady Constance, has other ideas and arranges a house party into which bursts Dame Daphne Winkworth, whom the Earl is urged, much against his will, to marry. He is further plagued by his vacuous son Freddie Threepwood, Rupert Bingham, a clumsy love-lorn curate, and his arch enemy Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe, from whom Lord Emsworth unwittingly steals a priceless Egyptian scarab!


A selection of our past productions

Steak Frites
Written & Directed by Martin Vander Weyer
In the Studio Bar

July  2010
84 Charing Cross Road

Adapted for the stage by James Roose-Evans
From the book by Helene Hanff
Directed by Julia Armstrong

April 2010
The Memory of Water
By Shelagh Stephenson
Directed by David Powley


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