1812 Theatre Company- The Cherry Orchard

Performed in May 2015

Written by Anton Chekhov and Translated by Michael Frayn  

Directed & Designed by David Powley

Acted by : Kerrianne Linning, Joe Coughlan, Mike Martin, Steve Lonsdale, Florrie Stockbridge, Rachel Shackleton, Michele Hopley, Natasha Jones, Paul Nicoll, Richard Noakes, James Potter, Joe Gregory, Charlie Grumbley, Barry Whitaker, Priscilla McAndrew

Supported by :

Stage Manager .................Sue Elm with Paul Elm

Production Assistant...........Jean Sheridan

Costumes.........................Sue Cooper with Paddy Clough

Set..................................Sally Fitton, Steve Woolmer, Chris Stevens, John Roberts, Michael Goslin, Umay Jones

Props...............................Carole Haigh, Malcolm & Denise Kitchen, Sue Elm, Sally Fitton

Lighting & Sound...............Steve Woolmer, John Roberts, Chris Stevens

Publicity............................Umay Jones

Photography......................Paddy Chambers

Thanks to : Moorside Antiques, Dress Circle, Mandy Silk, Oliver & Jessica Grant, Jake Powley, Richard Noakes , Andrew Halliwell, Chris Ellis

Some extracts from messages received from members of the audience

“We all enjoyed the evening very much. I particularly appreciated the poignant depiction of human nature, in all its denial, which your actors
played so tenderly. I found it excruciatingly funny and sad, and very real. Congratulations for directing such a deep and difficult play, and filling
the theatre too! “


“What a lovely production - crystal clear story telling with some fine and moving individual performances. I admired the costumes, lighting and
set too.”


This was, without question, a high quality performance, and everyone involved should be proud and delighted. In terms of acting, though some
stars shone slightly brighter than others, the cast was uniformly strong, with a great ensemble feel to it. I thought the pacing was right – I’ve more than once, in other Chekov productions, willed characters to hurry up and finish their endless garden philosophizing, and sometimes I’ve willed them to slow down, to let their words – and their silences - settle. But in this production I did neither: I was given time, but not too much time, to enter their experience. The filmy, backlit trees were a force in themselves – always present, providing a visual context for the nostalgia, the loss, the inevitable change. And finally, what a play to see the night after the election!! Parallels abound.”


“....lovely production of the CO. It’s so difficult (no need to tell the director) to get that often apparently feckless and directionless conversation right, which I think the cast managed very well indeed. I’ve typically watched an amateur production making in my mind implicit comparisons with a professional one to the detriment of the former, but that was never the case last evening, so well did the cast perform. Their timing and delivery were excellent. The costumes seemed just right. In short, very good indeed and a pleasure to watch. Many congratulations to you all!”


“We SO enjoyed last night....Such a fun, interesting character... Everyone I spoke to thought ....the play was excellent - in fact I think it's the
best 1812 play I've ever seen at Helmsley. Superb cast and direction....We all thought the cast was really strong and brought it to life. I hope
1812 do more thought-provoking plays like this one.”


“This was a superb production. I am not 'into theatre' as you know, but observed first of all, the perfect casting, wonderful set and choreography and of course amazing acting from the cast. “


"I went to see the opening night of 1812's production of "The Cherry Orchard" in Helmsley last night and I commend it to you all. the play
involves a lot of unexpected comedy and it's an excellent production. There were many superb individual performances, some terrific ensemble
acting and an outstandingly well designed set.”


“Congratulations on your excellent production of The Cherry Orchard. Acting, set, lighting, sound & costumes all of the highest quality! It was
thoroughly enjoyable.”

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