Beyond The Moor Gate

By Jane Armitage & Celia Morley

Performed in March 2010

Directed by Glyn Price

The 1812 Company has always encouraged people in the region to try their hand at writing plays and then to send them to us. Sometimes this has led to a rehearsed play reading. This time it was given a full scale production in Helmsley Arts Centre's Studio/Bar.

Acted by Heather Lindley, Charlie Grumbley, Natasha Jones, Jonathan Lewis, Mike Martin, David Pike, Patricia McTough, Martin Vander Weyer, Mick Scott, John Roberts, John Lister, Lynn Holmes, Steve Lonsdale, Patrick Chambers, Selwyn Collinson, Richard Noakes

Technical support from Sue Elm, Paul Elm, Paddy Clough, Chis Small, Will Bailey, Stephanie Morris

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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