Calendar Girls

By Tim Firth

Based on the Miramax motion picture by Juliette Towhidi and Tim Firth

Performed in April 2013

Directed by Em Whitfield Brooks

Acted by Natasha Jones, Heather Linley, Grace Scott, Pauline Noakes, Jane Buckle, Lynn Holmes,Liz Cox,Stephanie Morris, John Lister, Steve Lonsdale, Diana Gaunt, Oliver Clive, Meg Robinson, Phil Grainger 

Stage Manager - Christina Leach

ASM - Sue Elm

Costumes = Denise Kitchin, Paddy Clough

Props - Carole Haigh, Dense Kitchin, Stephanie Morris

Lighting - John Roberts

Sound - Pam Broadbent

Set Construction - Steve Woolmer

Photography - Chris J Parker

Grateful Thanks To: Jean Sheridan, Hovingham Village Hall, Birdgate Chocolatiers Pickering,  Ryedale School,                      David Jackson,  Malcolm Kitchin,  Michele Hopley, Will Bailey, Sweet Things Helmsley, Martin Vander Weyer, Sylvia Creaser, Mick Scott, Helen Precious, Sally Goodwill, Angela Barnett, Friarage Hospital Northallerton,Paul Elm, Richard Noakes   


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