By John Morgan

Performed in December 2003

Directed by Denise Kitchin

Acted by Anna Brooksbank, Cal Stockbridge, Mungo Arney, David Powley, Martin Vander Weyer, Moira Wood, Ed Bailey, Rachel Davidson, Lynn Holmes, Jenna Paterson, Mark Wilshaw, Nathaniel Priestley, Paul Radcliffe, Isobel Zarb, Florrie Stockbridge, Megan Paterson, Judith Holmes, Meg Holmes, Elliot Pleasance, Finn Needham, Rufus Brooks, Chatles Bailey, Zac Priestley

On the pianoforte - Lloyd Lockwood

Children's Director - Diana Gaunt

Set Construction - Paul Elm, Nick Gaunt, Malcolm Kitchin

Lighting - Terry Johnson, Will Bailey

Costumes - Paddy Clough, Ann Douglas, Barbara Hickman, Sue Ashton, Theatre Royal York

Props - Linda Chambers, Carole Haigh,Rowena Kitchin

Make-up - Sue Elm, Leslie Paterson, Erica Zarb

Interpreters for the Deaf - Pam Patison, Lydia Smith

Photography - Paddy Chambers

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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