Double Bill: eleemosynary/Say Something Happened

eleemosynary by Lee Blessing

Say Something Happened by Alan Bennett

Performed in April 2007

Directed by Jonathan Lewis & Cal Stockbridge

eleemosynary Acted by Polly Gunton, Pauline Noakes, Rachel Shackleton, 

Say Something Happened Acted by Janet pringle, Glyn Price, Alison Priestley

Stage & Set - Dan Fitton, Sue Elm, Glyn Price, Erica Zarb, Will Bailey, Sally Fitton, Mark Wilshaw

Lighting & Sound - John Roberts, Meg Holmes, Pam Broadbent, Will Bailey

Costumes & Props - Pam Broadbent, the cast & crew

Make-up - Erica Zarb

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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