Jack and the Beanstalk

Written and Directed by Denise Kitchin and Diana Gaunt

Performed in December 2005

Acted by Vicki Hill, Glyn Price, Rachel Davidson, Steve Lonsdale, Rachel Dixon, Cal Stockbridge, Charlie Grumbly, Liz Cox, Pat Rowe, Steve pratt, Mark Wilshawe, Lynn Holmes, Robin Andrews, Anna Humpleby, Anya Bartlett, Eliza Mellor, Caroline Aldous-Ball, Megan Robinson, Isobel Zarb, Sophie Robinson, Judith Holmes, Katherine Lunn, Sue Elm, Charlie Bailey, Paul Radcliffe, John Morgan.

Musical Director - Lloyd Lockwood

Choreography - Sue Elm

Stage Manager - John Morgan

Set Design and construction - John Morgan, Malcolm Kitchin, Lesley Hughes

Stage Crew - Paul Elm, Sue Elm, Mike Martin, Malcolm Kitchin

Costumes - Sue Cooper, Paddy Clough, Denise Kitchin, Anne Lishman, Chris Price, Joanne Humpleby, Maggie Robinson

Make-up - Erica Zarb, Rowena Kitchin, Maggie Robinson

Props - Linda Chambers, Carole Haigh, Malcolm Kitchin, Nick Gaunt, Moira Wood

Lighting & Sound - John Roberts, Will Bailey, Meg Holmes

Photography - Patrick Chambers

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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