By Carlo Goldoni translated by Glyn Price

Performed in July 1996

Directed by Glyn Price

Produced as part of the Ryedale Festival programme

Acted by Cal Stockbridge, Guy Porritt, Glyn Price, David Powley, Charles Saggers, Steve Hick

Musicians - June Emerson, Jean Kershaw, Georgina Toll

Stage Managers - Linda Chambers, Penny de Quincey

Stage Crew - Clare Brooke, Jamie Kershaw, Christopher Rowe

Set - Sally Fitton, Charles Saggers, Will Saggers

Costume - Christine Price, Liz Walters

Lighting - Stuart Hague

Make-up - Sue Elm

From a review of the production by Charles Hutchinson

"Goldoni's play opens with country innkeeper Miranda (Cal Stockbridge) being serenaded by a masked figure. Her ageing admirers, an impoverished Marquis and a nouveau Count stand below her window, similarly attired. Yet the fragrant Miranda is really wearing a mask:behind that polite butter-wouldn't-melt front lies cunning.

"Under her spell fall not only the Marquis (a blustering Glyn Price) and the Count (a suitably vainglorious David Powley), but inn dogsbody Fabrizio (Charles Saggers, long of face, long of suffering), and the young Major (Guy Porritt, splendidly exasperated as his granite-jawed aversion to all womanly charms crumbles in her presence).

"Cal Stockbridge's Miranda may look more the Swedish maid, but she is as irresistible and delicate as Goldoni's comedy."

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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