Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Performed in May 2006

Directed by David Powley

Acted by Robin Andrews, Julian Allistone, Jesse Watson, Gareth Jenkins, Dan Fitton, Stuart Yates, David Pike, Steve Lonsdale, Victoria Aldous-Ball, Mark Willshaw, Louise Taylor, Lynn Holmes, Cal Stockbridge, Martin Vander Weyer, Charley Grumbley, Mike Martin, Martin Lovedale, Nick Rowe, Nat Priestley, Nick Morgan, Heather Williams, June Greener, Pam Broadbent, Sue Elm, Paul Elm

Stage Manager - Sue Elm

Stage Crew - Heather Williams, Pam Broadbent, Paul Elm, June Greener

Set - Sally Fitton, David Powley, Peter Small, Paul Elm, Sue Elm

Lighting & Sound - John Roberts

Costumes - Sue Cooper, Paddy Clough

Props - June Greener

Repetiteuse - Jean Sheridan

Make-up - Erica Zarb, Rowena Kitchin

Music composed by Nick Morgan and played by Kate Morgan, Doug Kershaw, Victoria Aldous-Ball, Sue Elm

Photography - Patrick Chambers

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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