Silver Jewellery Making with Diane Lee

Join Jewellery Tutor Diane Lee to make your own silver jewellery gifts and learn new jewellery skills along the way. This cheerful workshop is suitable both for beginners and those with some experience of working with silver. You will be given step-by-step directions and support. All tools & materials will be provided.

You will be able to buy silver (ranging from approx £6 – Ring sized to £25 - Bangle sized according to what you wish to make pay on the day for this). 

The workshops act as an introduction to the traditional methods of silver jewellery making (silversmithing), including tools, techniques and tips. No experience is needed. We start the day working with copper and then move on to using silver.

The Jewellery makes a lovely gift - or why not buy a workshop to give as a present to someone special. The workshops are fun and an ideal day to spend with friends or family.

The aim of the silver jewellery making workshops is to introduce you to the skills & techniques, but also to create a unique piece of jewellery whilst enjoying a fun workshop with like-minded people.

Presented by Diane Lee

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