The Wind in the Willows of the Rye

This was the first theatre performance in the new auditorium with the raked seating installed as part of the 1996 building programme.

Based on the "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame

Adapted for the 1812 Company by Glyn Price & Chris Small

Performed in December 1996

Directed by Glyn Price

Acted by Jo Potts, Martin Vander Weyer, Howard Burnham, Guy Porritt, William Motley, Robin Andrews, Charles Saggers, Stuart Hague, Lucy Robson, Michael Boag, Clare Brooke, Mungo Arney, Alex Holden, Theo Roberts, Jenna Patterson, Megan Patterson, Thomas Harrison, Yasmin Wilson, Ollie Knocker

Mice trained by Cal Stockbridge

Stage Managers - Chris Small, Linda Chambers

Stage Crew - Clare Brooke, Sue Elm, Paul Elm, Stuart Hague,nLucy Roberts, Charles Saggers

Set - Cathy Price, Pat Rowe, Chris Rowe, Sally Fitton, Nellie Trevelyan, Paul Elm, Sue Elm, Charles Saggers

Vehicles - Peter Small, Pat Rowe

Costumes & Masks - Christine Price, Cathy Price

Lighting - Dougal Ticehurst

Sound - Glyn Price

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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