When We Are Married

By J B Priestley

Performed in July 2012

Directed by Julia Armstrong

Acted by Bryony Gillespie, Phil Grainger, Rosa Lawrance, Heather Linley, Mike Martin, Richard Noakes, David Pike, Bromwyn Jennison, John Lister, Liz Cox, John Roberts, Pauline Noakes, Linda Smith, Charlie Grumbley

Stage Manager - Mick Scott

Set Design & Construction - Dan Fitton, Richard Noakes, Pauline Noakes, Mick Scott, John Roberts, Mike Martin, Diana Gaunt

Costumes - Stephanie Morris

Lighting Design - John Roberts, Steve Woolmer

Lighting  and Sound - Pam Broadbent

Props - June Greener

Photography - Paddy Chambers

This is a 1812 Theatre Company performance

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