Beneath The Layers - Anna-Marie Magson

Anna-Marie originally studied Fine Art Painting at Liverpool College of Art. Initially working with clay, exploring surface decoration and textured pattern on tiles and panels, she developed her art in the form of hand-built ceramics. Latterly, she has returned her focus to 2-dimensions, expanding her practice to encompass collage, printmaking and painting. 

Anna-Marie’s work reflects her long-standing love of both printed textiles and quilt designs and mid-20thC modern art. Using predominantly collage techniques, her cut-out abstract shapes are layered to build harmonious and balanced compositions. Texture is achieved through the addition of various handmade and found papers, while pattern and detail are introduced by means of drawing, print and painting.

Her subdued palette, inspired initially by artefacts from ancient cultures, rock art and mark-making, and hues found in nature, is enlivened by glimpses of bolder, more vibrant colour. Blacks are frequently used to contrast with and define greens, ochres, terracottas or blues that emerge from the mostly restrained, earthy tones. 

Anna-Marie works from her home studio in York, where she continues to create her ceramics alongside her artwork, and has exhibited and sold through various shows and galleries across the UK.

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