Give Thanks!


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There has never been a more important time to say Thank You.

Saying it over the phone, via snapchat or in an email is wonderful, but writing it in a letter (or on a handmade card) can be even more special. It shows that you value, appreciate and respect someone.

Multiple studies have shown that saying 'Thank You' can make people feel connected and more optimistic. By reflecting on something good that's happened both parties can experience an immediate boost to their happiness - and the benefits reportedly last for up to a month!

Handwritten letters and cards have been winging their way between people for centuries but now that we can type quick messages, press a button and send or recieve them in a flash, the art of corresponding through 'snail mail' is sadly becoming a little but lost.

So let's rediscover the art of sending and recieveing hand-created post by starting with a very special type of card.

We hope you'll give it a go and make someone's day, week or even month!

Request a free pack by emailing [email protected], containing a blank infinity card and envelope, along with an illustrated booklet full of ideas. We hope you''ll give it a go and make someone's day!

Download & Print the PDF instructions here

Give Thanks Online Booklet

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