Juliet Scott: Object Relations.

Object Relations is an entirely new body of work by Juliet Scott exploring the complex relationships between different forms, scales and textures which result from groups of carefully selected objects arranged in an interior landscape. Each object is of personal historical significance to the artist. 

The new work is in part inspired by an encounter with a set of wonderfully atmospheric image cards developed as a projective psychological test by Herbert Phillipson in the mid 1950s, discovered by the artist whilst curating a cultural project based on the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ archive in partnership with the Wellcome Library. Used under similar circumstances to the inkblot or Rorschach test, they were designed to affect a response in the recipient.

Also new to her work is the technique of silverpoint, used by artists for centuries. Juliet was drawn to it because of the quality of the line, but what she is discovering in the way the technique deposits metal as it fights with the ground is how this mark making has a resonance with the archival exploration.


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