Night Sky Origami- Dark Skies Festival with Tabitha Grove


I'm Tabitha, an artist from North Yorkshire and I get the brilliant job of showing you how make your very own origami stars! 

In order of difficulty you can make...

Chubby Star. 
You'll need...
 Paper strips around 30cm (or the length of an a4 piece of paper) by 1cm

Modular Star
You'll need...
8 pieces of square paper at least 10cm x 10cm
(Multiple colours is great but not necessary)

Tree Topper (or five pointed) star
You'll need...
One square of paper at least 15cm x 15cm

Dont forget, you can pause the videos as an when you need to, it helps! 

Happy folding!

Tab x

(Please note, these stars are not my original Origami designs, I hope my unique descriptions will help make the process of folding super easy and fun!)

Chunky Star



Modular Star

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