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Ossett Observer Presents -

The People’s Republic of Poetry With A Firm Of Poets

A quartet of poets faces the audience; in turn they step up to the mic to perform their poems. A cross between a poetic super-group and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ the show is fast paced and never the same twice. With humour, pathos, quizzes and audience participation, this is a fun night out that will both move and entertain.

Join A Firm Of Poets for ‘The People’s Republic of Poetry’ Autumn 2015.

Participants are asked to bring two short poems to the workshop.

Participants will work with A Firm Of Poets to hone their performance poetry skills and will be invited to join them on stage for the evening’s performance (A Night with The Brewery)

As part of the show, participants will be invited to submit one of their poems to an online document ‘The People’s Republic Of Poetry’ which will grow as the tour makes its way around the country.

"This is proper, visceral stuff about real life. Poetry for the rest of us. Long live The Firm." Luke Wright

"These are poems that stop traffic, consider themselves ruined, pump blood, throw out all the love songs and write them from scratch. They are 'brave as a robin in hail’, full of words that will ‘hold / you through / the hard times.' Dive in." Helen Mort

A Firm of Poets provides an evening's entertainment full of charm, warmth and humour in equal measure - not to be missed. Porl Cooper, Slung Low Theatre

A wonderfully dynamic group of poets. The Press, York

This year’s ‘Word Of Mouth Sensation’ Beacons Festival

Ralph Dartford stabbed the air with concise yet captivating poems on subjects as diverse as the Hillsborough disaster and Live Art, whilst the indefatigable Matt Abbott pummelled the atmosphere with his swiftly-delivered social poems that always packed a political punch, giving [Attila The Stockbroker] a run for his money, for sure. Northern Sky Magazine

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