Shed Some Light On It - Digital Exhibition

This month long project united a small community within North Yorkshire who explored the benefits of photography and wellbeing.  Each week the group completed structured tasks during their daily walks which were all completed close to home and uploaded their images to an online sharing platform. 

 Some participant’s feedback:

“Very relaxed, friendly and thought provoking. An oasis of enjoyment and positivity in these (very) difficult times. Everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in a project like this. Looking forward to the next one”

“I have really enjoyed this project. I found all the tasks Rebecca set interesting and engaging. The tasks were suitable for all levels of photographer from iPhone photographers to those using DSLRs. It was enjoyable to share our images and see each other’s interpretation of the tasks. I feel that this is a more positive platform than traditional social media due to the small size of the group plus the fact that we were able to ‘meet’ each other at the weekly Zoom sessions. Thank you very much for organising the project which was perfect for a January lockdown”

 “I think it’s a very positive course and lots of people would benefit from taking part”

Presented by Arts Council England

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