Simon Parker - A Night of Adventure: Cycling 3,427 miles around pandemic Britain

Simon Parker is an award-winning travel writer and broadcaster who has reported from well over 100 countries by the age of 34 for the BBC, The Telegraph and Amazon Prime. In this multimedia presentation of short films, photos, audio clips and anecdotes he talks about cycling 3,427 miles around ‘Pandemic Britain’ during 2020 and 2021.

He travelled to the furthest corners of Britain, including Shetland, Scilly, the Scottish Highlands, Cumbria and the North York Moors to find out how the pandemic had impacted people of all backgrounds. This is a ground level portrait of Britain, with dozens of unique stories. Farmers, fishermen, artists and musicians. Young, old, rich and poor.

Simon also talks about his own struggles with anxiety, bereavement and mental health. The talk will be followed by a Q&A and his new book, Riding Out, will be available to purchase.

He can be found tweeting @SimonWIParker. His website is:

What to expect by team HAC

Expect tales of optimism and hope, and a ground-level portrait of Britain as it transforms from a country in crisis to a nation on the mend.  From Shetland to the Scillies, Dover to Durness, Simon learns that life's sharpest corners are best navigated at the gentle pace of a bicycle.Simon ended up cycling 3,427 miles around Britain.  En route, he would meet hundreds of resilient Britons, who were all, in their own way, riding the storm just like Simon.  Simon will talk through his adventures and share beautiful stills and video's from his days cycling around the country.

He's honest, open and funny.

Appearing in Helmsley, just after the Stage Four part of Tour Of Britain leaves Duncombe Park, it seems the stage is set for the most wonderful evening!

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