Stitching the stars- Dark Skies Festival with Tabitha Grove

This workshop will be conducted via zoom. You will recieve a link to the zoom call once you have booked a place.

Learn at least four embroidery stitches and make a beautiful constellation of your choice. The perfect way to get into embroidery and make a memento of the dark skies festival to hang in your home or give as a gift. Great for beginners!

You will need:

Embroidery hoop 11cm+ diameter

Enough fabric to fill the hoop at least twice

Embroidery thread in one or two colours that contrast  with the fabric

Two needles (embroidery needles are good but not essential)

Pen or chalk that shows up on fabric


Here's a link for instructions on how to make your own embroidery hoop if you can't get hold of one


Age: 14+

Ryedale District Council

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