The Secret Life of a Mounted Police Officer

Alan Hiscox retired as the Chief Equitation Officer in the Metropolitan Mounted Police. He spent 32 years in the Police, 26 of them in the Mounted Branch.

He has taken clinics and seminars to teach Mounted Police training and tactics to Police Units in Europe, USA, Canada and South Africa. He was the Ride Leader of the Police Display Ride for 14 years, performing at Olympia, Horse of the Year Show and abroad.

Taking part in ceremonial events, serious public disorder events and many football matches, Alan will explain the passion, professionalism and sometimes pantomime that he has experienced whilst on a police horse in London. He will also let you know how police horses are trained and the amazing job that these incredible animals do, every day.

Alan is now the Director of Safety at the British Horse Society and heads up the ‘Dead Slow’ safety campaign.

Money raised for this event will be used by Ryedale BW to repair and improve bridleways in the area.  Buying such things as horse friendly Lever latches to fit on gates and contributing to projects like the Cowldyke Wath ford is how we have  spent raised funds, to the benefit of horse riders. We hope that proceeds from this talk will enable us to continue. We are also hoping to donate to the railway line project at Helmsley which will benefit all user groups. The railway line project has been going on for some time now. The old railway line running east from Helmsley is being opened up into a path by the work of volunteers, for the use of all members of the community

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