A Regular Little Houdini

Winner of 4 International fringe Festival Awards

Winner – Best Solo Show – San Diego International Fringe Festival

Winner – Best Performance by an actor – TheTVolution, Hollywood Fringe Festival

Winner – Artistic Excellence – Sponsored by Rogue Shakespeare, Hollywood Fringe

Winner – Producers Encore Awards


Produced by; Flying Bridge Theatre Ltd  

Written and performed by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams

Directed by Joshua Richards

Music by Meg Cox


Newport, South Wales: A tenacious young dockworker's son, smitten by Harry Houdini’s amazements, dreams of a life of magic – to "escape" a suffocating, impoverished future and unlock his shackles; the brutal Welsh working-class reality of Edwardian Britain. With his head full of folly, his parents struggle with their son’s eccentricity, but, he doggedly trains himself to emulate his hero on the industrial detritus in the bustling docks, and his relentless ambition finally brings him face-to-face with the world’s greatest showman - along with one of the most terrifying events in British industrial history. Is it possible to follow one’s dreams in a world where poverty weighs you down like mud? An enchanting story that blurs the lines between childhood imagination and the cynicism of adulthood. An extraordinary tale of hope, determination & magic!


Set in the sprawling urban slums of the South Wales docklands at the turn of the last century; A Regular Little Houdini is a coming of age, Cinderella-story about a young boy from the docks who seeks change. Filled with youthful imagination and joie de vivre and a very real danger brought about by the reality of working-class industrial life, the play is inspired by the author's family stories and the true to life visits of Houdini to Newport.
The master showman and self-publicist, twice came to working-class, industrial Wales. He had an affiliation with the town of Newport; himself an immigrant Hungarian Jew, from the melting pot of New York, he recognised the passion of the urban slums. in America, his audiences were strongest in these areas because he represented the "young immigrant success story" and they worshipped him for it. Newport, the buzzing industrial hub was his springboard into Europe, and while there, his publicity stunts involving Newport police, their cells and an illegal jump off Newport Bridge, immortalised him in the eyes of a local boy and landed him on the front page of the national newspapers.


Daniel Llewelyn-Williams comes from a family of dockers, from Pill in Newport. He also comes from a long line of great storytellers, one granddad a docker, the other a policeman. It's their true stories plus other family yarns of the dockside, plus Houdini's folklore, plus the Newport Docks disaster of 1909, plus the building of Newport Transporter Bridge in 1906, plus Daniel's own story of becoming an entertainer, which all come together to create this fabricated tale of a young boy with an irrepressible spirit who fights all the odds to break the mould and "escape" the drudgery of his perilous surroundings, whilst keeping respect for his roots. Told through the eyes of an innocent, a boy whose imagination knows no bounds, his mix of adventure and real history blurs with tales of cyclopes and feats of derring-do, but poverty and family responsibility ultimately conspire to weigh-down his dreams. 


Daniel Llewelyn-Williams who wrote and performs the show recently won "best Actor" at the Wales Theatre Awards and is currently playing Dr Rhys Thomas in Eastenders.

Directed by Joshua Richards Music composed by Meg Cox

Presented by Flying Bridge Theatre Ltd

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